Doctors, Lawyers, Professionals: 95% Loan To Value up to $2,000,000

A specialized mortgage loan program, featuring the advantage of low down payments for qualifying professionals, is now available in the Dallas area through Cornerstone Home Lending, a trusted loan partner of Bill Griffin Real Estate. We are extremely pleased to be able to offer this Professionals Home Loan Program to prospective home buyers in our
5308 Southern Dallas

We Help You Become The Perfect Buyer:

In getting pre-qualified for your financing with a loan approval letter, this makes your offer as “clean” as possible. This loan approval letter can be submitted with your offer makes you look more interested. By showing initiative with the letter and personalizing the process by actually talking with the seller, you have a much better

Your Timetable is Ours

Your time is our time and we don’t want to waste any of it! Financing and inspections usually just take a few weeks. The real issue is finding the perfect place for you. While we hope to do that as quickly as possible, every buyer’s situation is different. We will show you as many properties

Our Promise

Besides tracking and finding properties you might like, we also handle the little details that make up the bigger picture. We will never sell you a property that we consider a bad choice for you; we cherish our clients and want to provide the best possible property options. We negotiate the best price and terms