What Makes BGRE Different?

Getting the best price is about bringing you the right buyers for your house. At Bill Griffin Real Estate, we have developed a marketing plan, company advertising program and a network of expert contacts. This combination is what sets us apart from other agencies, we want to show your home to buyers with the most

Listing the Best Price

One key element to making your home look attractive to buyers is the best price. If your home is priced too low, there is no room for potential profit. Or if your home is priced too high, buyers will look for alternatives. Other Realtors will tell you to study marketplace trends or review prices of

Choosing an Agent

Choosing the right agent to sell your home is extremely important. You will want to find someone with the knowledge, experience an expertise to advise you properly on the many decisions that must be made throughout the selling process.Selling agents help develop a plan with you to include a price range and a timeframe for

Get Started!

Once you have decided that you want to sell your home, it’s important to think of a timeframe, a price range and what you will do after you sell. For information on buying a home, click here. Follow