Beautiful 6000+ sqft historic solid masonry building in Winnsboro, TX

Winnsboro, Texas

Live+Work+Play+Invest in Historic Northeast Texas….
A beautiful 6000+ square-foot historic building in the Bowery District of picturesque Winnsboro Texas. Built in 1901 this historic structure offers incredible versatility of use. Until 1940 it served as a bank and still has the two original vaults built in to the structure. The property is currently configured as a restaurant on the first floor and has a separate bar that fronts on Market Street that shares a kitchen with the restaurant. The bar and restaurant are currently not leased.
There is a 1.5 floor room off the restaurant that would make a great office or storage area.
The second level of the property is entered from the south side of the building and is currently being used as the owners residence. The top level has 13 foot plus ceilings and currently is configured as a four bedroom one and a half bath residence with dramatic views out to the town. The property is solid masonry construction with a foot thick walls; they don’t build properties like this anymore.
This property has a multitude of ways in which it should be used. It could be an office building, house almost any kind of business, a bed-and-breakfast, hotel or a very large residence. The history and character of the structure is something you rarely find. 
Winnsboro has many events that drive traffic into the area on a regular basis including pageants, arts and crafts, parades, antique cars and tractors, gun shows, wine festivals, live music, concerts and Fall trail rides through the scenic countryside. 
Settlement of Windsboro begin in the early 1850’s.  In the 1930s Winnsboro was frequently visited by notorious outlaws Bonnie and Clyde. When hiding out with an accomplice who lived near Winnsboro, Bonnie and Clyde occasionally visited downtown Winnsboro to eat, shop, and (rumor has it) to pick up a supply of ammunition in front of the depot. Winnsboro was one of the last places the notorious duo were known to stop before their demise in Louisiana in May 1934.
Today with the population near 4000, Winnsboro is bustling center of activity attracting new businesses, expanding current businesses, and experiencing new industrial business growth.
For sale: $384,000; Owner financing available. Property is also available for Lease, $3500 a month.
For more details, please contact Bill Griffin at 214-476-4253 or Olga McLemore at 817-715-2801.

4 Contiguous Lots in Preston Hollow

The property consists of four contiguous lots on Walnut Hill Lane containing 1.65 acres. Each lot is approximately 18,000 square feet. The lots are on the south side of Walnut Hill and face due north just east of Preston Road.


Site plan shows a separate street divided by a 48” brick wall from Walnut Hill and creating a private enclave named Walnut Place.
walnut place, walnut hill lots

Legendary architectural firm of Cole Smith. Mr. Smith has done a preliminary study too of how to develop the lots.  Mr. Smith has designed some of the premier homes in Dallas, included the estate of Jerry Jones, the Lacerte estate and many, many others too numerous to list here. Mr. Smith has also designed some extraordinary commercial work including the Eulich Family office building on Cedar Springs, Cedar Maple Plaza and the entrance to AT&T Stadium. Mr. Smith has received many national and international awards for excellence in Architecture.

The lots would also make a great location for a modern enclave of 4 contemporary style homes. Dallas has many great contemporary architects such as Lionel Morrisson, Cliff Welch, Ron Wommack, Todd Hamilton, Gary Cunningham, Joe McCall and Mark Domiteaux to name but a few to draw inspiration from. Either a modern or more classic point of view will work well in this central Preston Hollow Location.

The site would be an ideal location for four 5500 square foot modern homes with pools.

Walnut place

Each home will have approximately 5,500 square feet with unique elevations, not found in most spec homes. Each will have open floor plans, master down stairs, and unique custom features and finishes, top of the line appliances and true architectural proportions. Each home will have a his and hers master bath and huge closets. Each secondary bedroom will have its own bath. Each house will have outdoor spaces attached to the home and will include professional designs for large full-size pools and other outdoor activities. Each elevation will be different, but will each appear to look like they are blended in a unique and exclusive enclave.

Because Walnut Hill is a thoroughfare road, the developer will install a private road in front of the homes. One foot off Walnut Hill will be a city standard side walk and on the other side of the side walk will be a 48-inch tall decorative wall to hide the visibility of the homes from Walnut Hill. The road will be 20 feet wide and provide additional parking in front of the homes.

walnut Place
Survey of the 4 lots approximately 18,000 square feet each. The lots are on average  144’ x 125’.
walnut place
Possible site plan for one of the homes.  Each home would be approximately 5500 sq. ft., has a 3 car garage and a pool.  The front of the home is set back 44’ from the street. 
walnut place
Address:  6118, 6108, 6048 & 6034 Walnut Hill Lane
List Price for 4 Lots: $2,800,000
Approximate Land Size: 72,000 Square Feet (1.65 Acres)
Price Per Foot Land: $38.89
Price Per Lot: $700,000
Contact Bill Griffin fore more details: / 214.476.4253.

Doctors, Lawyers, Professionals: 95% Loan To Value up to $2,000,000

A specialized mortgage loan program, featuring the advantage of low down payments for qualifying professionals, is now available in the Dallas area through Cornerstone Home Lending, a trusted loan partner of Bill Griffin Real Estate.
We are extremely pleased to be able to offer this Professionals Home Loan Program to prospective home buyers in our area. We believe it is tailored specifically to meet the needs of doctors, attorneys, CPAs and other professionals who are interested in maximizing their home buying power while still taking advantage of minimum down payments and low interest rates.

Attorneys Loan Program Dallas
New to the Loan Market

Specific requirements of these physician mortgage loans are:
· Down payment as low as 5%
· Loan amounts up to $2,000,000
· No mortgage loan insurance
· Sliding credit score minimums: 680 qualifies for a loan amount up to $649,999; 700 up to $1 million; 720 up to $2 million
· Competitive interest rates, both for first and second mortgages

Student Loan Relief

One of the more innovative features of this loan program for professionals, according to Cornerstone Lending Officer Josh Claudio, is the exclusion of student loan debt repayment from the loan qualifying calculation. This serves to increase buying power by an amount equal to one percent of the total student loan balance, and that can make a substantial difference in total mortgage amount, as he notes.
Claudio explains that Cornerstone has been granted exclusive rights to this program by a new investor interested in writing loans for physicians and surgeons, medical residents, veterinarians, attorneys and CPAs. These professionals are most likely to have high credit worthiness, substantial earnings and higher than normal student debt. It is a first among professional loan packages, and is expected to allow young professionals the opportunity to buy homes well-suited to their long-term living goals and family requirements.
Doctor mortgage loans and attorney mortgage loans that provide this student loan relief encourage young professionals to buy now, and make looking for a “dream house” a reasonable goal.

Lock in Mortgage Rates

We heartily agree, and we also believe that this is the perfect time to buy a home in the Dallas area, before expected interest rate increases are announced in December and the already strong local market boosts home prices even further.
Claudio, who boasts previous experience dealing with medical professionals while at a bank located within the Medical City complex in North Dallas, notes that Cornerstone’s aggressive lending program features in-houJosh Claudiose loan processing and underwriting. The process is local, personalized and highly efficient in our unique market, affording home buyers a positive experience that caters to individual needs.
The professional loan program has distinct parameters, and currently features fixed rate loans in the high 3% range and adjustable-rate mortgages at even lower percentage points. However, those rates are subject to change in the near future.
The flexibility of this professional mortgage loan program is just one of the reasons to work with Bill Griffin Real Estate. Why not give us a call to discuss your needs? We’ll work with you to find the best home at the best price, and steer you towards a great mortgage loan program as well:
Josh Claudio, Dallas Professional Home Loan Program expert: 214-403-6092,
Bill Griffin, Bill Griffin Real Estate: 214-742-2424,

How Is the Election Affecting Real Estate?

Traditional wisdom is that real estate prices and sales continue at a quick pace during an election year, but the rate of growth slows, historically, the year after a presidential election. This year has, seemingly, followed that pattern in the months leading up to the November vote, with most markets across the country experiencing robust growth.

But this is an unusual election year, to say the least!

The real estate market in Dallas remains “among the hottest in the country,” with an 8.3 percent year over year increase in the latest S&P Dow Jones Indices of rising home values. Only Portland, Seattle and Denver ranked higher. In Dallas, the good times extend to all segments of the market – including retail and commercial, apartment construction and leasing, high-rise condo development and sales, and traditional single family homes. The good times extend into surrounding suburban cities; other Texas cities, notably Austin, have experienced similar growth.

Effects of the Election
All expectations are that the good times will continue. However, analysts for months have been saying that the rate of growth will slow somewhat in 2017. Whether that will be due to the uncertainty of a new administration, expected interest rate increases, seasonal fluctuations or other factors remains to be seen. Matthew Gardner, chief economist for a Seattle luxury real estate firm, notes that Wall Street “nervousness” is reflected in real estate uncertainty, but he also concluded in July that we could expect a “robust” real estate climate through the end of the year.

Historically, interest rates remain relatively stable in the year following an election. In this election cycle, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are seen as “pro-market” candidates, with the expectation that either one will be good for the economy, with changes beginning to be felt in 2018.

Peter Linneman, Chief Economist of NAI Global, expects that the election will “probably knock a quarter to a half of a percent off of GDP growth,” but that it will have minimal effect on both single family and commercial real estate. He believes that the economy’s slow recovery is, in large measure, the result of housing’s “underproduction” since 2010. The real effects of the election, Linneman believes, will become apparent only in 2018 and beyond. He believes economic recovery will continue despite political changes. “We are growing, building,” he says, “but not overbuilding.”

Prospects for Dallas
August was a particularly good month for Dallas, in terms of home prices, number of sales and days on market. It was so good, in fact, that many analysts are prompted to predict that 2017 will be another banner year in our area. We have little doubt that sales will continue to be brisk, and that prices will continue to rise, although we agree that the percentage increases may not equal the current records. The current market is strong; all indications are that it will continue to be a good time to buy or sell in the Dallas area. And, no matter how the election turns out, almost everyone agrees that we can expect little change for the next year.
And that’s the good news!

Is High-Rise Living Right For You?

In Dallas, moving up can have a literal meaning.

If you appreciate a sophisticated lifestyle and luxurious surroundings close to the business and cultural heart of the city, then high rise living in Uptown, adjacent to all the advantages of the Park Cities, may be your ticket to residential bliss.

There are many advantages to moving up, whether you choose a building in up-and-coming, exciting Uptown, a more traditional condo unit along Turtle Creek, a trendy new residence in a stately, refurbished downtown building or a traditionally elegant address in a Park Cities tower.

Expand Your Horizons

The high rise lifestyle offers a new perspective, from stunning views of the Dallas skyline to a birds-eye view of surrounding parks and urban streetscapes. High rise living allows you to experience the spirit of the city in a new and exciting way every day.

In addition, much of the best of the Dallas urban scene is at your doorstep.

Take advantage of the ability to stroll to vibrant McKinney Avenue if you choose, to explore nearby boutiques and trendy eateries, to enjoy an afternoon with friends at your favorite local coffee shop, to take in a gallery opening or a performance at the Meyerson with little advance planning.

Enjoy sunrise or starry skies from a special vantage point, and experience the sense of belonging that you feel as you embrace this distinct urban vibe.

Freedom From and To

Moving to an urban high rise frees you from the necessity of yard work, exterior upkeep and routine maintenance chores. Your former property ownership woes largely disappear. In addition, many Dallas buildings offer concierge and valet services, and a variety of additional perks to make living easier.

As you explore available options, be certain to ask questions about all the perks that accrue to residents.

With a high rise address, living in town means you are able to “get out of town” almost on a moment’s notice, for a weekend or a season. You’ll gain the freedom to turn the key in the lock and walk away with little concern about safety and security.

Convenience and Amenities

There is little doubt that there are pros and cons about high rise living. But those who have made the transition cite the advantages in glowing terms.

Those advantages of high-rise living extend far beyond the convenience and peace of mind, although they are prime considerations.

High rise living in sprawling Dallas can also simulate a return to the cherished small town lifestyle of the past. There is a sense of community within the building neighborhood that is pervasive and welcoming. On the other hand, the excitement of urban living is always close at hand. Trading time in the car for the appeal of being close to what’s happening can be a heady experience!

The team at Bill Griffin Real Estate can help you give expression to your lifestyle preferences, whether high-rise living or traditional single family. Why not give us a call?

Luxury Home Decor: Why White, Light and Bright is Right?

When it comes to luxury home décor, there are some design elements that fade, and others that can stand the test of time. Right now, one of the biggest home décor trends is what we like to call white, light and bright, and we predict it to stay on top for a while. Today, this simplistic and beautiful design trend is all the rage. If you don’t believe us, just peruse the pages of any décor magazine or take a gander at the Décor section on Pinterest. You will see for yourself that more and more people are falling in love with this trend. So, why are brighter and lighter spaces so popular right now? Here are two major reasons:

  1. It’s Clean and Calming – This trend is very reminiscent of being at a beautiful spa. As our work days grow more stressful, what better way to end the day than to go home to a space that feels like a relaxing retreat?
  2. It’s Modern and Minimalistic – The white, light and bright trend has strong ties to the modern luxury homes and the minimalistic design that we have seen regain recent popularity.

Although these two points are relative to having a contemporary home, there are some other ways that you can incorporate the white, light and bright design into your home.

3 Ways to Achieve This Look in Your Home

When you think of the white, light and bright design aesthetic, there are certain elements that you will need in order to get the look. No matter if you have a Tudor style home or a Traditional home; these three elements will help you achieve the look. If you are on the hunt for a new luxury home, use these three elements as guidelines to help you choose the perfect home.

– Windows, Windows, Windows

Windows are an easy way to invite natural light into your home. To get a lighter and brighter home, always think, “Bigger is better” and be sure not to hide your windows behind heavy drapery. Instead, showcase your windows with sheer linens, or if you can get away with it, no window dressings at all. If the windows in your home are smaller, fake the look of larger windows by extending your curtains from the floor to the ceiling. This helps create the illusion that your windows are way larger than they actually are and helps create a brighter look and feel.

– Open Floor Plan

One of the most highly-requested features for home buyers today is an open concept and layout. When choosing a home with an open floor plan, you instantly get a jump start on making your home lighter and brighter. Since your home’s layout will flow seamlessly from room to room, so will the natural light. If your home is not open, use mirrors and glass to reflect light and get the best of both worlds.

– White and Bright Elements

Dark cabinets are beautiful and classic; however white or off-white cabinetry and light granite countertops are the keys to having an awe-worthy kitchen and bathrooms in your home. In fact, popular home décor website Houzz voted off-white as the color of the year for 2016. If you’re not into white but still want to incorporate this trend into your home, opt for pale grays for a more airy look.

Find Your Luxury Home in DFW with Bill Griffin Real Estate

At Bill Griffin Real Estate, we have over 30 years’ experience and are considered the go-to real estate brokerage in Dallas. Allow the expert team at BGRE to assist you in finding the luxury home of your dreams.

Ready to get started? Contact Bill Griffin Brokerage today.

Exotic Mortgages and Luxury Home Financing Tips

by Josh Claudio, Residential Mortgage Loan OriginatorJosh Claudio

There are a lot of options when it comes to jumbo financing but when your scenario doesn’t fit within traditional mortgage guidelines then what are your options? Unbeknownst to most consumers there are a # of banks and investors that have an appetite for unique financing solutions. The first thing you will need is a good lender that is hip to these programs and has access to these lenders and investors. Assuming that you are working with myself or another mortgage professional then accessing these programs will not be an issue and you can finance your new luxury Dallas property versus parting with a large chunk of your assets to be a cash buyer. These non-traditional loan programs are known as AltQM or non-QM loans.

Popular Exotic Mortgage Loan Programs

Bank Statement Program

This is for the buyer that makes money but doesn’t show it on paper so the solution is that this program allows for your monthly bank statement deposits to be used as your qualifying income versus the traditional route of documenting income with paystubs, W2s, and tax returns.

Guidelines allow the following:

  • Allows for credit scores as low as 680.
  • Allows for loan amounts up to $3,000,000.
  • Allows as little as 20% down up to $750,000, 30% down from $750,001 to $2,000,000 and 50% down from $2,000,001 to $3,000,000.

Select Non-QM Program

Features of this program are as follows:

  • Allows for credit scores as low as 661. Most jumbo lenders require a 700 or higher credit score. Also allows up to 1 30 day late mortgage payment in the last 12 months.
  • Allows for non-warrantable condos. Non-warrantable condos are condos that have commercial space within the same building. An example of this type of condo would be Museum Tower.

These are two of the more popular exotic loan programs available since they overcome the more common barriers required to finance higher end homes include documenting income or having mediocre credit.

I hope you find this information helpful if you would like to further discuss please call me, Josh Claudio with SWBC Mortgage Oak Group at 214-403-6092.

*there are additional guidelines that must be met to qualify for these programs.

7816 Purdue in HPISD For Lease Over 5,000 Sq.Ft

7816 Purdue is a traditional eclectic residence with stunning flagstone exterior by Martin Custom Homes located on 60 foot lot in Highland Park Schools. Grand curved staircase in entry showcases formal rooms and study. Gourmet center island kitchen features eat-in breakfast bar, granite counter tops with stainless steel under mounted sink, tumbled marble backsplashes, large walk-in pantry, butler’s pantry with wine cooler refrigerator and wine rack, Viking stainless professional series appliances including subzero style built-in refrigerator and 8 burner gas cook top. The great room with dramatic wood beamed ceiling, floor-to-ceiling stone wood-burning fireplace, built-in bookcases, media built-ins and row of atrium doors opens to covered patio, large kitchen and separate breakfast area. Upstairs loft with study nook-office leads to master suite with large covered balcony overlooking spacious fenced in back yard. The master bath has separate his and her vanities, a Jacuzzi tub, separate walk-in shower with mosaic tile floor and a large walk-in closet with many built-ins. There is a large upstairs utility room with ample built-ins, tile floor, sink and floor drain. Media room/5th bedroom has its own full private bath, built-in wet bar, ice maker and fridge.  Listed By Bill Griffin the house  over 5,000 square feet is for lease for $8,000 a month.  Call Bill Griffin for a showing, 214-476-4253.  For more information click here.

New Price On Remodeled Light, Bright 3883 Turtle Creek Blvd. 509 With Downtown Views

Priced to Sell!  Gorgeous one bedroom, one bath condo at Twenty One Turtle Creek with custom lighting and art hanging system. 2016 bathroom remodeled, plumbing upgraded ( bath & kitchen), new Quartz countertop on breakfast bar, new carpet in bedroom and the entire unit was repainted.  Oak hardwood flooring in kitchen, entry and main living area. Kitchen has stainless steel appliances with Sub Zero refrigerator, GE Profile oven and gas range, and Jenn-Air dishwasher. Kitchen also has custom kitchen cabinets with plenty of storage and under counter lighting. Bedroom features a large walk thru closet, wood blinds, built in storage and bookcases. Entry has wall of closets with a built-in safe. Balcony has downtown and Turtle Creek views.  Energy efficient windows and patio door. Building amenities include 24 hour doorman-concierge, valet parking, heated pool, spa, remodeled fitness center and library. There is a common washer/dryer on the 5th floor and a laundry room in the basement of the building. Building has gated direct access to Turtle Creek Village (Fresh Market, Zoe’s Kitchen, etc). *Gate is reached via the 2nd floor’s back exit. Call Bill Griffin for more information – 214-476-4253. Priced at $167,900. For More Information Click Here.

Luxury Contemporary Homes in Dallas

In the Dallas metropolitan area, there is no shortage of luxury homes available for picking. Whether you are looking for a condo in the eventful Uptown/Downtown area or a family home in the affluent Highland Park neighborhood, you are sure to find what you are searching for in the Big D. However, when in search of your perfect home, it is wise to determine the style you most prefer first.

When it comes to choosing your ideal home style, there are many options. From Ranch to Tudor, the possibilities are practically endless. However, in Dallas, there has recently been an influx of contemporary homes located in the finer neighborhoods.

Luxury Contemporary homes are beautifully unique, and with just one look, it is easy to see why they have easily become one of the most popular home styles in today’s busy market.

What is a Contemporary Home Design?

Contemporary architecture initially hit the scene in the 20th century. Today, as people grow more eager to use eco-friendly materials, Contemporary designs have risen in popularity. These homes are generalized as being minimal, sleek, spacious, and innovative. They usually incorporate a lot of glass, minimum decoration, flat rooflines, and functional indoor/outdoor spaces.

Nowadays, Contemporary homes are in high demand amongst luxury home buyers primarily due to their key features.

Main Features of a Contemporary Home

  • Spacious open floor plan. The roomy layout and minimal doors and walls make your square footage flexible for people who may need to get creative with their livable space.
  • Large Oversized windows. Create a warm and appealing atmosphere with natural lighting while also saving on lighting costs.
  • Beautiful indoor/outdoor space. Connect the indoor and outdoor areas of your home to create an inviting space for your family and friends during outdoor gatherings or dinner parties.
  • Stunning asymmetrical angles. Standout interior and exterior design elements that ensure your home is just as unique as you are.
  • High-Quality sustainable materials. Natural materials like granite and bamboo help create a stylish home that are also eco-friendly.


Is a Contemporary Home Right for Me?

Contemporary homes are usually compared to Modern designs because they incorporate the same clean, simple lines. These homes also have something in common with Traditional style homes because of their inviting ambiance.

So, if you are interested in the best of both worlds, a luxury contemporary home might be the perfect fit for you and your family.

Find Your Luxury Dallas Home with Bill Griffin Real Estate

Are you in the market for a luxury home in one of Dallas’ beautiful, established neighborhoods? Look no further than us at Bill Griffin Real Estate for your upscale Dallas real estate needs!

As the go-to real estate brokerage in Dallas, the Bill Griffin team have been at the head of the Dallas luxury real estate game for over 30 years. We are here to help you find the perfect home for you and your family.

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