Do you need an agent when buying a new construction

Do you really need a real estate agent to represent you if you are buying a new construction?

When you buy a new construction home from a builder, the home builder and on-site sales team work for and represent builder’s interest, not yours.

You will benefit in many ways having someone represent YOUR interests. Realtors have access to all comparable sales data and comparable purchase options to create leverage in the negotiations to negotiate the best deal for you.

You get the many benefits of having someone there for you to guide you through the process of buying your home. Someone who will be there for you negotiating the best price, advising you on upgrades that will add to the home’s resale value, overseeing inspections, walk-throughs, financing options, guiding you through the entire process.

The best part is you pay nothing for these real estate services. Our compensation is part of the marketing fee and is built into the base price of the home.

Give us a call today and put our expertise to work for you. We are here to help you all the way and to minimize the stress that can come from making such a big decision🏡

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