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Three established assisted living homes for memory patients located in North Dallas and Plano. The homes offer alternative care for seniors who require a higher degree of assistance and personal attention. A professionally trained staff comes with the properties. The care centers are usually the top choice of families looking to place their loved ones in a care home due to the excellent condition of the properties, the company’s reputation, and the locations of the homes.

A non-disclosure agreement must be signed along with prospect providing a pre-qualification letter or proof of ability to purchase before financial information can be released and homes can be viewed.
Total List Price Of Real Estate: $1,600,000.00

Income from 2015: $338,824.82
Income form 2016: $338,454.00
Average for 2 years: $338,639.00
Multiplier of 4 years: X 4
Asking price of Business: $1,354,556.00
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment: $145,444.00
Total Price of Real Estate + Business: $3,100,000.00

Call Bill Griffin for more information: 214-476-4253 or email: bill@bgremail.com

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