Luxury Home Decor: Why White, Light and Bright is Right?

bright formal living room

When it comes to luxury home décor, there are some design elements that fade, and others that can stand the test of time. Right now, one of the biggest home décor trends is what we like to call white, light and bright, and we predict it to stay on top for a while. Today, this simplistic and beautiful design trend is all the rage. If you don’t believe us, just peruse the pages of any décor magazine or take a gander at the Décor section on Pinterest. You will see for yourself that more and more people are falling in love with this trend. So, why are brighter and lighter spaces so popular right now? Here are two major reasons:

  1. It’s Clean and Calming – This trend is very reminiscent of being at a beautiful spa. As our work days grow more stressful, what better way to end the day than to go home to a space that feels like a relaxing retreat?
  2. It’s Modern and Minimalistic – The white, light and bright trend has strong ties to the modern luxury homes and the minimalistic design that we have seen regain recent popularity.

Although these two points are relative to having a contemporary home, there are some other ways that you can incorporate the white, light and bright design into your home.

3 Ways to Achieve This Look in Your Home

When you think of the white, light and bright design aesthetic, there are certain elements that you will need in order to get the look. No matter if you have a Tudor style home or a Traditional home; these three elements will help you achieve the look. If you are on the hunt for a new luxury home, use these three elements as guidelines to help you choose the perfect home.

– Windows, Windows, Windows

Windows are an easy way to invite natural light into your home. To get a lighter and brighter home, always think, “Bigger is better” and be sure not to hide your windows behind heavy drapery. Instead, showcase your windows with sheer linens, or if you can get away with it, no window dressings at all. If the windows in your home are smaller, fake the look of larger windows by extending your curtains from the floor to the ceiling. This helps create the illusion that your windows are way larger than they actually are and helps create a brighter look and feel.

– Open Floor Plan

One of the most highly-requested features for home buyers today is an open concept and layout. When choosing a home with an open floor plan, you instantly get a jump start on making your home lighter and brighter. Since your home’s layout will flow seamlessly from room to room, so will the natural light. If your home is not open, use mirrors and glass to reflect light and get the best of both worlds.

– White and Bright Elements

Dark cabinets are beautiful and classic; however white or off-white cabinetry and light granite countertops are the keys to having an awe-worthy kitchen and bathrooms in your home. In fact, popular home décor website Houzz voted off-white as the color of the year for 2016. If you’re not into white but still want to incorporate this trend into your home, opt for pale grays for a more airy look.

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