Modern Trends In House Design


Knowing what’s important when it comes to modern home design becomes apparent when you take the time to study what is selling. Dallas area buyers of luxury properties are smitten by technology, insistent on high quality and, for the most part, more concerned about function than with square footage or architectural style. Visual appeal is still a vital component.

Modern design is an evolving topic, but here are a few current thoughts on what is important in the home of today and what buyers can expect for the future.

Smart Technology

It’s difficult to ignore the effects of technology in the modern world. In the future, it will be impossible. Computers, remotes, apps and “devices” are a part of that future. You may view the technology as a way to enhance and simplify life, or as a subtle threat, but there is no doubt that it represents the future. Keyless locks, wireless security, extensive monitoring capabilities, and appliances that communicate with one another are no longer on the horizon. They have arrived! Home enhancement aids may, sooner rather than later, include robotic assistance.

Sustainability and Resilient Design

Green design is a mainstream goal, but not only in terms of energy savings and eco-consciousness. Today’s best homes and commercial buildings are fully in synch with better use of natural resources, carbon footprint reduction, drought awareness and land erosion concerns. A home’s ability to withstand weather changes and natural disasters also represents a new measuring stick of excellence.

Integration of Indoor and Outdoor Space

Physicians, mental health professionals, architects and interior designers all agree that a balance between the natural and the “built” worlds is the best of all possible worlds. With that in mind, current trends in residential design focus on the environment in another way. Quality of light, space, air and sound — in short, sensory awareness, is viewed equally with comfort and beauty. Views and landscaping, as well as outdoor living spaces that extend the boundaries of home, are important home features, as likely to include outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and sports courts as pools, hot tubs or fountains.

Contemporary Houses: Classic Meets Glamor

While classic design in all its iterations represents Dallas at its best, there is no shortage of innovative interpretation for interior design. We are seeing a resurgence of tradition, but with a twist. Reclaimed and distressed wood is a chic choice for flooring as well as for cabinets, ceilings and trim. Futuristic LED lighted glass is dramatic for interior shelving and display. Copper sinks and countertops are popular both for visual appeal and for proven bacterial resistance. Some kitchen designers even predict that copper will supplant stainless in the future.

Realtor Magazine detailed these and other home trends in an excellent article published in January 2016. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss some of these ideas with you and to help you find a contemporary Dallas house that suits your needs to a tee: 214-742-2424.