Henry S. Butts is a third generation Dallas native and third generation Dallas business owner. Henry grew up in the car business founded by his grandfather in Arlington and then expanded by his father in Dallas to become one of the number one new car dealers in the nation. This family business would have continued had it not been for the untimely death of his father. Henry held the business together for 10 years after his father’s death against all odds. Due to an ongoing battle for control of the company with General Motors the family decided to sell the multiple franchises they had acquired over the years to local dealers and get out of the car business all-together.

Henry Butts took control of his future by investing and managing his assets. Henry invested in real estate with his family members and bought and sold a few start up companies prior to coming to work at Bill Griffin Real Estate. Henry was use to working in a family business and when he heard that his brother in law was starting his own brokerage firm it was a natural fit. Henry acquired his real estate license and joined the team at Bill Griffin Real Estate. Henry has a strong background in management and computers and has been instrumental in getting Bill Griffin Real Estate off the ground and keeping it running smoothly. Henry is known for going out of his way to help his clients and his colleagues.

You can always count on him when you need him.

Anyone that has the pleasure of working with Henry say that he is one of the most trust worthy individuals they have ever met. This comes as no surprise since he was raised by one of the most respected businessmen in Dallas. “My father was determined to change the reputation of car dealers around and ran his dealership with integrity and respect for its clients. I know he succeeded in doing that with his business and I will continue to strive for that in my career.”