Our Promise

Besides tracking and finding properties you might like, we also handle the little details that make up the bigger picture.

  • We will never sell you a property that we consider a bad choice for you; we cherish our clients and want to provide the best possible property options.
  • We negotiate the best price and terms on your behalf.
  • We order the appropriate inspections.
  • We work directly with your lender and the appraiser so your loan is approved on time.
  • We remain in contact with the rest of the company to stay informed on hundreds of closing details and the preparation of your settlement statement.
  • We assist you with the inspection and reparation process.
  • We assist you will the transfer of utilities in your name.
  • We make sure you have all proper documentation: the recorded deed and title policy.
  • We remain your primary source of information and assistance after closing for as long as you desire.