Frequently Asked Questions For Home Buyers

Where do we start?

We’ll do a thorough analysis of your wants and needs. With our specialized knowledge of Dallas’ finer areas, we can begin immediately to point you in the right direction. You may want to pre- search on our website, which makes checking out all of MLS in the areas easy, or let us put together a list of possibles based on our extensive knowledge. We’ll also help you find financing with pre-approval. Our offices area in the heart of Dallas, at the fountain in Snider Plaza. Or we can meet you wherever it’s most convenient for you.

How do we find what you want?

We will research and preview properties that best fit your needs. Your time is valuable, so we will not waste it looking at properties that don’t match your criteria. We can arrange showings on any property in MLS, and we can also keep tabs on properties that are ”hip pocket listings” which are not on the open market. We can e-mail you properties that fit your needs before we get together to view them.

How long does it take?

It usually takes just a few weeks to get financing and do inspections. The real issue is finding the right property that you fall in love with. We hope to do that as quickly as possible, but if it takes time and seeing lots of homes, that’s no problem. We’ll show you as many as you need to see for as long as it takes.

How do we initiate an offer?

Once you find a property for which you’d like to make an offer, it is a relatively easy process. We’ll review pricing to determine the correct price at which to initiate an offer. We’ll do a market analysis for you to review comparable sales and pending and active properties. This will allow us to establish the proper negotiating strategy.

Can we negotiate?

It really depends on what the market analysis reveals. Many of the homes in the better neighborhoods are selling quickly at, or above, asking price. Some of the better values can be found in existing homes that are in need of remodeling. Demand has been strong with low interest rates. The offer will have an option period in it, when you can have the property inspected and negotiate any needed repairs, or cancel the contract and receive all your earnest money back.

How can we get the best price?

Make your offer as “clean” as possible. Get pre-qualified for your financing with a loan approval letter that can be submitted with the offer. Present a letter with the offer telling the seller about yourself and why you are interested in purchasing their property. Personalizing the process can have a real impact on the offer, especially in a situation where there are multiple offers.

What do we do for you as a buyer’s agent?

Besides helping you track and find your dream home, we handle the big picture and these countless little details:

  • Negotiate the best price and terms
  • Order the appropriate inspections
  • Work with your lender and the appraiser to be certain your loan is approved on time
  • Confer with the title company on closing details and your settlement statement
  • Assist with the inspection and repair process
  • Assist with transfer of utilities to your name
  • Make sure you receive a recorded deed and title policy
  • Remain your primary source of information and assistance, months and years after closing.

How can you be sure that we are making the right decision?

We will not sell you a property that we think is a bad decision for you. We want you to be our client for life, and we want to work with your friends and family.

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