Doctors, Lawyers, Professionals: 95% Loan To Value up to $2,000,000

A specialized mortgage loan program, featuring the advantage of low down payments for qualifying professionals, is now available in the Dallas area through Cornerstone Home Lending, a trusted loan partner of Bill Griffin Real Estate.
We are extremely pleased to be able to offer this Professionals Home Loan Program to prospective home buyers in our area. We believe it is tailored specifically to meet the needs of doctors, attorneys, CPAs and other professionals who are interested in maximizing their home buying power while still taking advantage of minimum down payments and low interest rates.

Attorneys Loan Program Dallas
New to the Loan Market

Specific requirements of these physician mortgage loans are:
· Down payment as low as 5%
· Loan amounts up to $2,000,000
· No mortgage loan insurance
· Sliding credit score minimums: 680 qualifies for a loan amount up to $649,999; 700 up to $1 million; 720 up to $2 million
· Competitive interest rates, both for first and second mortgages

Student Loan Relief

One of the more innovative features of this loan program for professionals, according to Cornerstone Lending Officer Josh Claudio, is the exclusion of student loan debt repayment from the loan qualifying calculation. This serves to increase buying power by an amount equal to one percent of the total student loan balance, and that can make a substantial difference in total mortgage amount, as he notes.
Claudio explains that Cornerstone has been granted exclusive rights to this program by a new investor interested in writing loans for physicians and surgeons, medical residents, veterinarians, attorneys and CPAs. These professionals are most likely to have high credit worthiness, substantial earnings and higher than normal student debt. It is a first among professional loan packages, and is expected to allow young professionals the opportunity to buy homes well-suited to their long-term living goals and family requirements.
Doctor mortgage loans and attorney mortgage loans that provide this student loan relief encourage young professionals to buy now, and make looking for a “dream house” a reasonable goal.

Lock in Mortgage Rates

We heartily agree, and we also believe that this is the perfect time to buy a home in the Dallas area, before expected interest rate increases are announced in December and the already strong local market boosts home prices even further.
Claudio, who boasts previous experience dealing with medical professionals while at a bank located within the Medical City complex in North Dallas, notes that Cornerstone’s aggressive lending program features in-houJosh Claudiose loan processing and underwriting. The process is local, personalized and highly efficient in our unique market, affording home buyers a positive experience that caters to individual needs.
The professional loan program has distinct parameters, and currently features fixed rate loans in the high 3% range and adjustable-rate mortgages at even lower percentage points. However, those rates are subject to change in the near future.
The flexibility of this professional mortgage loan program is just one of the reasons to work with Bill Griffin Real Estate. Why not give us a call to discuss your needs? We’ll work with you to find the best home at the best price, and steer you towards a great mortgage loan program as well:
Josh Claudio, Dallas Professional Home Loan Program expert: 214-403-6092,
Bill Griffin, Bill Griffin Real Estate: 214-742-2424,

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