We Help You Become The Perfect Buyer:

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In getting pre-qualified for your financing with a loan approval letter, this makes your offer as “clean” as possible. This loan approval letter can be submitted with your offer makes you look more interested. By showing initiative with the letter and personalizing the process by actually talking with the seller, you have a much better shot at getting your dream home. This is important because sometimes, properties will receive multiple offers.

Negotiations depend on the findings of our market analysis. Sometimes, homes in the better neighborhoods or in impeccable condition sell quickly at or even above the asking price. Better values can be found in homes in need of remodeling. The newer construction sells at a premium because of market preferences. But, we always consult the current inventory and recent sale to measure the strength of the market within a given area and type of property. All offers will have an option period, for the property to be inspected, negotiate needed repairs or cancel the contract to get a full refund!¬†Furthermore, the seller pays our fees on properties listed on MLS because fees are included in the asking price. It’s no cost to you! For more information, call¬†214-742-BGBG (2424)